It can start in Poland in 1970, and then fiction / novel as I was in / from 1977 in the U.S. and played in clubs with the best Tom Savarese, Nicky Siano, David Mancuso, etc.. In Studio 54, Paradise, etc.. As a deejay - attraction of the communist Poland, fugitive ...

This is supposed to be cute and clever story, smart - sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, good acting, music chosen by me, all shot in NYC, cool white and black girls, white and black buddies, etc.

Capture the atmosphere of the 70's in NYC

Narrative - telling the / with strong Polish accent ...

The book is a novel story with a few facts from my bio in Poland.

Action start from 1970 + a few scenes from my childhood like: cinema 'Piast' - Dzierżoniów, a film of The Beatles, etc..

Spring 1977 flight to the U.S. - passport got by bribes from disco versed in the SB - polish political secret Police agents. One of the agents was a beautiful, young woman who danced a lot of times in my disco I was resident deejay and she total fascinated by me as deejay and my performances gave me to seduce she as my girlfriend and has been for many months. We were with each other very well great sex and we were like love itself. That's she - risking a lot - organized share - to whom and to whom to get pay bribe to get total illegal passport for me and permission to leave the Poland.

Show / write about the whole communist swamp, harassment, interrogation, beatings, threats, confiscate my promo records from USA, packages, letters from the U.S..

This is supposed to be a total TRIBUTE to the era of disco, deejays, artists, etc.. - shown by me, my life as example / base person / character - Yahu Pawul - yahudeejay - through the story to show the best of '70s disco. The return to the best years of Hollywood cinema, smart, wise, part of intelectual / intelligent movies era, Oscar-winning style movies, etc.

You can order a special star muse in the disco era: Lalo Schiffrin, Quincy Jones, Vince Montana, etc.. ? + Artist originally from the era ...

Show the beginnings of very early ’70 disco music in Poland, Europe: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Deep Purple, Grandfunk Railroad, Ten Years After, Sugarloaf - then black music of the early '70 U.S. – then Rare Earth, Cozy Powell, etc..  max skip - this whole electro, mash the crap from the end of the 70's!   NO ANY bullshit ELECTRO DISCO AND THE WHOLE CRAP TYPE MUSIC LIKE: VILLAGE PEOPLE, DONNA SUMMER - NO ANY MAX EXPOLITED HITS LIKE BEE GEES, late Kool & Gang, Earth Wind & Fire.  NO!! – MUST BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MUSIC.

My manager - played by a white, well-known actor, OLDER from the USA. Describe how he found me / saw me in the disco in Poland when he visit for any reason ’77 – and he was fascinated my image, style, class and organised job in NYC.

Film period - 10 best disco years from 1970 to 1980.

I'm always dressed nice in this hippie-style capof  early '70s, and the console bolero with a star and brown hat - I have a rather hippie style of dress.

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