how do I see movie - in points (plan / idea)

I watch film market and I know if good screenplay, actors, producers - then chance to make serious and good movie and multiple success, because idea is incredible.
This theme is not exploited yet - I mean deejay behind Iron Curtain story. Can you imagine life style here then ?

No one know in fact everyday details which were terrible. But what happend to this deejay - main role - it is story separate. Billy! - everybody have interesting life this or other way. But deejay behind Iron Curtain late 60, 70, 80 and later …

It is the best idea story and chance for Oscar or any other film awards. This is story based on my life ofcourse.

There is a lot scenes I see - remember as great for movie:

* 1966 when I see 'A hard Days night' movie at local cinema and so impressed I forgot way back to home :-)

* listen and learn deejay profession from Radio Luxembourg - best music radio that time Europe

* first public show with Led Zeppelin II album

* first disco 1970 spring at local communist cultural clubs and how to cooperated local VIP communists / corruption, etc.

* first serious girlfriend and hot sex with her

* first deejay contest in Poland - so huge

* work a a deejay star at discos

* communist verification idea for deejays as part of government control everything

* persecuted deejay and USA, UK strong cooperation

* first wife and children - so many great scenes remember

* first visit UK, London

* first visit USA - remember my walking 5th ave from Central Park to WTC (WTC was my USA symbol)

* second visit USA - 1 year lond NYC, LA, Seattle

* communism fall down in Poland 1989 and my back to free country - end of the movie, because end of communism ...

- - - - - or continue and show main role deejay later years as 60 years old still active in the club and play same USA tunes as '70.

second wife (25 years younger girl - lucky deejay) and children


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