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SUPER NEWS of 2002
7th of march 2002

Polish pioneer deejay - Jan, Yahu Pawul is / became a member of the:

Discotheque Pioneers Hall of Fame:

Yahu is a first polish deejay ever honoured this way.
"You are with some of the real heavyweights of Disco Dance Music DJ Hall of Fame and you deserve it.

You were around in the beginning and helped Disco get its life .... I am proud of you, brother"

- Marty Angelo - of Deejay Hall of Fame - USA

Yahu Pawul is the only Polish deejay, who attained the greatest honor and privilege 
that can fully meet a professional deejay - a global membership of:

Deejay Hall of Fame (USA) !!

Jan Pawul - better known worldwide as Yahu Pawul creator and editor of http://www.djsportal.com - No 1 disco and deejay history website (worldwide), known as Yahudeejay also - is our very special member, because of his hero deejay career behind Iron Curtain very communist country in '70 - Poland.

Yahu all his life was against communists and all polish deejays and organisations, verifications, etc. which / whose did colaboration with communist opressive regime !! Yahudeejay as no one else in Poland popularised USA - R&B / Soul / Funky - Disco music, artists, producers and culture - what was BIG freedom risk in '70 communist era in Poland - and what is his small  / very private WAR / action against communism and their agents.

Yahu did propagate and popularise anti-communist - USA - disco culture, music and style of life - and did help this way in fact a little bit in communism fall down in Poland 1989 as we know of the new history of Poland - Lech Walensa, Solidarity, etc.

vide - - vide - - vide - - vide:

(pod literą 'J' - Jan Yahu Pawul)
(at / under letter 'J' - Jan Yahu Pawul) 

(pod literami 'J' + 'Y' - Jan Yahu Pawul / Yahu Pawul)
(at / under letters 'J' + 'Y' - Jan Yahu Pawul / Yahu Pawul)

... they published my name as 2nd generation of disco deejays what is not true and lack of history knowledge, because there is a lot of evidences I'm very first generation of early '70 and my name shoud be / belong clear to this part of Hall of Fame: http://www.legendsofvinyl.com/#!hall-of-fame-pioneers/tjjks - my start date is april 1970 !!  I wrote this fact to them but they do not care facts and ignore me - puffed up, vaccum, noses in clouds with omissions in education AMERICANS SIMPLY :-))))))) !!


... more - much, MUCH more in my giant eBook 
about worldwide disco and deejay history: 

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